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  “Eyes are the windows to the soul, and lashes are the perfect pair of curtains.”

Professional Eyelash Extensions in Folsom, California

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Lashmii Lash Lounge is your destination for high-quality eyelash extensions in Folsom, California. At our cutting-edge lash lounge, we offer eyelash extensions to clients seeking longer or more voluminous eyelashes, as well as eyelash certification and eyelash extension classes for stylists. In addition to applying extensions, we also offer a range of eyelash extensions products for sale, helping you achieve exactly the look your clients want.


We are committed to expanding and constantly improving the field of eyelash extensions, and making beautiful, long-lasting eyelashes a staple in mainstream beauty routines. We do this by helping lash stylists develop their abilities, as well as perfecting the extensions themselves. This winning combination guarantees stunning results that can be as natural, dramatic, or daring as you like.

Whether you want dramatic, voluminous eyelashes to set off your glamorous makeup, or subtle extensions to boost your fresh-faced California glow, come visit the lash lounge and take your look to the next level. After a detailed consultation, our highly skilled lash artists use their talents and our innovative products to apply beautiful, long-lasting eyelash extensions that enhance each client’s unique beauty.

Education is what drives any field forward, and we are committed to supporting motivated eyelash stylists so that they can reach their full potential. At our eyelash extension workshop, we offer eyelash extension certification and classes specially designed for beginning or established stylists looking to expand their expertise with new techniques in eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are a quick, simple way to add glamour to your look, while also simplifying your daily life. Our eyelash extension products come in a variety of materials, all of which are safe, high-quality, and innovative, guaranteeing stunning results to all our customers.

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